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What are the Power requirements?
All trailers plug into standard Residential 120V 20A power. (should be a dedicated line)  Trailers can run on a Generator, should be at minimum 4KW generator with nothing else on it. Games trailer can run on a 2KW Generator. Generators may add undesirable noise, depending on the event.

Do I buy the beverages from Pre-Cooler?
No; You make arrangements with the Liquor Store of your choice. We will pick your product from any Hartford area store and deliver it in a chilled trailer. We can also pick-up from other Liquor Stores if on the way to your event.

Do I have to use the tappers?
No; Trailers can be used as cold storage during your event. Shelves are available to store prepared dishes until time to eat. Freezer space available for Ice, Ice cream, or Meat before cooking.

Do we Pick-up trailer or do you deliver?
In most cases we will deliver, set-up, and pick-up after your event. Delivery charge apply if Pre-Cooler delivers the trailers. All Trailers can be towed by Customer, but additional security deposit required, and Customer becomes responsible for any issues until trailer is returned.

Why does the beer seem so foamy?
There are several reasons for bear to be foamy.
1) The longer the trip to the site the more the beverage will splash around in the barrel and the longer it needs to settle. If the trip is 30 min or less, expect foam for 45 min to an hour.
2) The more that you go in and out of the trailer the more heat gets into the trailer and warmer beer has a tendency to be foamy.
3) Lite beers tend to be foamy longer than others.
4) The amount of CO2 needed may vary based on the number of lines running. Typically the regulator should run between 11 - 14 pounds of pressure. The  regulator can be addjusted slightly if necessary.
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